What is a “Handmade guitar”

There are two type of Guitars that is handmade guitars and mass-produced guitars. Then what are different points between handmade guitar and Mass- product guitar. Handmade guitar differs from mass-produced products in that there are differences in the items explained below, and that handmade guitars can be selected and adjusted them arbitrarily. Each hand-made guitar has given its own unique characteristics, and user can select the material, furthermore, the fact that we make the most of the materials we use is a major reason why we are different from mass-produced guitars.

1.Material selection prior to build the instruments

The material used to make the instrument has a huge impact on the sound quality of the instrument. The materials of guitar that sounds well is that tapping sound is usual different from in the stage of before production obviously. Also, if we use such materials, we will obtain a high quality sound right after production. In other words, in order to obtain a beautiful and high quality sounding for the guitar, the materials selection is an important point. Manufacturing technic is impossible to change essence of raw material.

Niccolo Paganini said, “Stradivarius only used materials on which the Nightingale perched and sang.” That’s exactly right. In the same way that materials are important in cooking also.

2.Appropriate tuning for the material is applied

・There are several drawings for one guitar, and mass-produced guitars are manufactured with the quite same dimensions according to the drawings. The more expensive mass-produced products, the more parts to be adjusted, the more decorations, and the more expensive it will be. On the other hand, handmade guitars are of course made according to the drawing, however, we also adjust all of parts to suit the materials used. In other words, the work of maximizing the performance of the materials used and demonstrate their potential is carried out precisely for each part.

・In particular, the top is a very important part of the guitar, so it is very carefully adjusted. The thickness of the top varies from one top plate to another, and from part to part even on the same top. Top plate is not necessary to make thinner than necessary to produce a loud sound, or to make it too strong and thick so that it does not break. Adjustment of the characteristic vibration is also available only within the allowable range of material strength.

3.Adaptation for the playing style of the player

・A guitar does not make a sound by itself, it plays music by being player’s hands. The tone is greatly influenced by the playing method, and this is a factor that greatly affects the tone as well as the material selection. In other words, the same guitar will sound different if played by different people. From the player’s point of view, the player has own way of playing, and a suitable style is required. There are various situations that can be considered, such as play with big dynamics, play loud sound with a little force because the fingernail is weak, neck shape that is easy fingering, string height, etc. Create something that meets their requirement.

4.Freedom to design

・Various inlays can be decorated.

・Rosetta that is the face of the guitar can be made unique one.

5.Rare and unusual items are available

・Acquire a guitar that is not sold in the old generation or generally almost impossible to purchase. For example, replica of “Stradivarius Sabionari”.

・If you want an instrument assembled with animal glue instead of normal glue for wood.

・Request an assembly method and material composition that is not mass-produced. For example, Stratocaster without a truss rod with a mahogany neck, or a Stratocaster with a through neck.

・Made from rare wood. Sinker wood, locally produced wood, and items brought in by the user are used.

Guitarra de la Florita can be available as follows;

・The user can actually observe the grain of material and listen to the tap sound to make a selection.

・We use materials that have been seasoned for 20 years or more for the main components. The main purpose is to prevent warpage and crack. In addition, the water content is considerably reduced, so it is sufficiently dry and it is easy to obtain the original sound of the material.

・A frequency spectrum analyzer is used to digitize the characteristic vibration and adjust the plate thickness and shape of the bracing material.

・We try to meet the user’s requirements for decoration as much as possible. Such as making an original rosetta.

・User participates in production. User can make a part of the guitar. It is also possible to make only the rosetta, sound board and only the neck…etc.

Classic Guitar

Neck           :   Honduras Mahogany
String Length     :    650mm
Top                    :    German spruce
Side and Back    :    Madagascar rosewood
Fingerboard       :   Ebony
Bridge                :    Brazilian rosewood

This model is following the genealogy of Antonio de Torres and Jose Luis Romanillos.
It is typical Spanish classical guitar from 1850 to the present day. Guitarra de la Florita develops the guitars based on this model.

Flamenco Guitar

Neck          :   Honduras Cedro
String Length     :    650mm
Top                     :    German spruce
Side and Back    :    Cypress
Fingerboard       :   Ebony
Bridge                :    Brazilian rosewood
Tuner                 :    Violin peg

This is a replica model of Santos Hernandes.

This guitar is called “Flamenca Blanca” which is playing with singing, dancing and Hand crap at the Spanish style Bar. Guitarra de la Florita develops the Flamenco guitars based on Santos Hernandes’s guitar as well as classic guitars. Tuning pegs are for violins, and use them for reason string vibration extension and to resonate to the headstock.

Parlor Guitar

Parlor guitar is one of the kind of Folk guitar, and its size is a little bit smaller than Folk guitar. It is used to play at small size party. Smaller size is suitable for women playing, not too large, however, the sound is not small although size is smaller.

Specification and feature is mentioned as follows;

1.【Material】Top plate:German spruce(From Herman Hauser’s work shop), Neck: Honduras Mahogany,  Back plate:Indian rosewood、Fingerboard & Bridge:Ebony. All of materials are aged more than 40 years.

2.【Engineering】Bracings and Harmonicbars are engineering by Guitarra de la florita. It is an original engineering and composition is completely defferent from Martin, Gibson, Taylor, YAMAHA and the other guitar maker. Frequency spectrum analyzer is used.

3.【Playability・shaping】Contours are installed on the upper of treble side and lower of bass side. Playability is improved. The contour is looks small, however, player feels effect of installation. Also, in case, installing large cutaway reduces the internal volume of the body and does not affect the sound quality, so it is recommended.

4.【Design】Avalon shells are used for Inlay and rosette which is 10mm width for Rosette . Usually thin width are seen,however, such as large size are not seen.  Avalon shell inlays are also attached to the binding on the back plate. It’s about 5mm wide. This part is also thicker than usual. rarity is high.

5.【Paint】Carried out French polish of shellac varnish. It is finished to achieve the high-quality film thickness and luster that can be found in this paint on guitars made in Spain and Italy. No used splay, air brush, writing brush and pamis powder. Only use Shellac varnish, cotton sheet, ethyl alcohol.

6.【Composition】Small looks and gracefull, dainty, however, body and neck is huge strong and tough. The back plate consists of 4 pieces of Indian Rosewood and it is  glued together. Connection of body and neck is method of Spanish type that is installed two wedges. From this reason, there is no neck bending around 12 frets such as dovetail connection. Guitarra de la florita has its own ingenuity for side plate installation, thickness, reinforced plate.

7.【Design】Installed V neck connection and Volute between headstock and neck. This is to improve appearance and increase rarity.

※ The other pictures can find at Japanese page. Please find them.


Strat-type guitar

Neck          :  Maple, Mahogany
String Length  :  648mm
Body     :  Swamp ash, Alder…,etc
Fingerboard    :  Indian rosewood
Pickup             :  Guitarra de la Florita Original
Bridge             :  Synchronized toremolo

This electric guitar is made as well as classical guitar accuracy. Central connection of body and Fingerboard are adhesion by animal hide glue. Since pickups are homemade, it can be available adjusting impedance as customer like. Indian rosewood is adopted to Fingerboard which is aged more than 20 to 30 years. Painting is adopted Nitrocellulose lacquer for body and shellac for the neck by French polish. Various changes and modifications are available. Consultation is required.


Neck          :  Mahogany
String Length    :  385mm
Body                  :  Hawaian mango,
        German spruce…,etc
Fingerboard : Indian rosewood,Ebony…,etc
Bridge                :  Jacaranda,Ebony…,etc